T h e  H o n o r  P i n  P r o g r a m

Our honor pin program was designed with the intention to credit the efforts, courage, and skills of our students---there are 4 core Honor Pins that can be earned anytime by our community members:


Movement Pin - This pin is designed to help us build strength, increase flexibility, and improve over all physical wellbeing with yoga poses, and intuitive movement.


Mindfulness Pin -The mindfulness pin is designed to help us bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings, body, and surrounding environment.


Morality Pin - The purpose of the morality pin is to encourage exploration of our values and guiding principles such as love, respect for ourselves and others, courage, accountability, positive outlook, environmentalism, health, service and generosity.


Creativity Pin -The creativity badge is here to encourage us to explore and express our creative skill and imagination through various mediums.


How it works:


Read the requirements of the 4 Honor Pins and choose which one you’d like earn. Download or request a requirements worksheet for your chosen pin.


Do the work to complete your pin requirements. If you are having difficulty, reach out to your teachers for advice and ideas. There is no time limit to complete the work.


Submit an application to receive your pin---once you have fulfilled the requirements of you pin; return your signed worksheet to your teacher for review (worksheets may require children to make things, demonstrate, or document work with photo or video)


Receive your Honor Pin …Once all requirements have been met and submitted, your pin will be awarded to you.


Please note that a small fee of $5.00 applies to receive your pin. For students who are not in our area, please contact us to ask about how you can earn pins via distance. This program was developed and made by Whimsy Birch ©2019.






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